Cash’s Little Brother: Eeyore the Bunny Rabbit

Eeyore is stealing the spotlight for once! Many of you probably didn’t even know Cash had a “little brother”! 

Meet Eeyore! He’s around 2 yrs old.

I’ve had Eeyore for about a year. I had stopped into a local PetSmart to just look at what was available to be adopted through Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control and impulsively decided I needed a bunny. I orginally picked out a small, black female rabbit. But, when I heard “Poppy” (now Eeyore) had been there the longest, I instantly changed my mind. 

Turns out, someone had applied to adopt him, but then never picked him up! When I submitted an application I was told that he had already been adopted a while ago. I insisted that I physically HELD that rabbit and I could assure them that he was still sitting in that cage.  

Eeyore is enjoying his new Hay Chix net! He wants to remind everyone they’re not just for horses!

I picked him up 3 days later! I had every intention to name him Thumper, but the big floppy ears and sad face definitely made him more of an Eeyore. 

Although he may not get quite as much attention as his equine brother Cash, he is still loved and spoiled with treats and toys! He currently lives outside in a hutch that I built with my dad just for him.  

This was shortly after I brought Eeyore home!

Featured is Eeyore’s new Hay Chix mini net! Use the link below for 20% your next order! 

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