New Experiences and New Friends

A friend of mine had been recently looking for a good minded trail horse to add to her herd. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to help her horse shop! I may not be buying Cash a barn mate anytime soon, but that doesn’t keep me from looking at every sale ad in the surrounding areas! 

After a little over a month of searching, I came across a rescue that looked as though he fit the bill. Not to mention, he had an older buddy that really wanted to be adopted too so he could remain with his lifelong friend! The situation could not have been more perfect. This friend of mine had recently decided to look for two horses instead of one. She’s also not one to overlook an older horse that’s in need of a little TLC. 

I had offered to haul the horses for her before even checking the distance…and it ended up being around a 6.5 hour round trip! I was a little nervous hauling that far, but it was definitely a good experience for me. At this point I think I could haul just about anywhere – which gives me a feeling of freedom. I had originally tried to avoid the toll roads, but eventually gave up when I realized the trip was taking much longer than expected.

Once we arrived, I surprised myself yet again with my trailer backing abilities! Though something I once dreaded, it’s becoming easier and easier every time. 

Buck, (now known as Boss), and Apollo were being rehabbed by a wonderful place: Kathleen’s Rescue and Rehab. Boss is a 16 yr old QH/Belgian cross, and Apollo is a 20 yr old one eyed Arabian. From what we know, these two have been lifelong buddies owned by a couple that did a lot of trail riding together. Unfortunately, dementia became the ultimate reason for the owner-surrender. Both horses came in with body scores of 1. 

After 5-6 months with Kathleen, these horses have gained weight, received dental/farrier/vet care, and been evaluated under saddle. Although the boys still need quite a bit of weight, overall they are doing phenomenal considering where they started! Both geldings were gentlemen during my short test rides on them. Usually I would not ride horses in need of that much weight, but we knew it was important to know that the horses would be safe for my friend to handle. Luckily, I’m a fairly small person and each test ride lasted all of two minutes. Neither horse showed any funny business or spooked at my trailer, which I had them walk around. 

My friend buying the horses hopped on Boss for a short test ride as well. She instantly felt safe on this big gelding!

I definitely fell in love with Apollo, a 20 yr old rescue with one eye… I’m such a sucker for the sad looking seniors! But, I know that now is not the appropriate time in my life to add to my own herd. I do not have the time to dedicate to another horse without taking away precious time from my own. It was definitely tempting not to fill the third spot in my trailer with an older blind mare… but I know I made the responsible choice by saying no. Someday, however, when I am ready, I may be making another long road trip to visit Kathleen’s Rescue and Rehab! 

If you’re interested in learning more about this up and coming rescue, check out her Facebook page (link below). Although she is still working on getting her 501c3, everything I saw today showed me how true of a rescue she runs. I was extremely impressed by the clean stalls and barn, large pastures, appropriate fencing, healthy looking horses, and trail riding areas. Kathleen has helped rescue and rehab around 300 horses since 2014, all while maintaining her own horses, a boarding facility, a lesson program, working full time AND going to nursing school! Can you say superwoman!? 

Although I’m not ready to take on a second horse yet, my friend knows my barn will be open in a heartbeat for Apollo should he ever need a new pasture! Fortunately, once he gains weight I’ll be able to go visit and ride anytime!

I only wish her rescue was a little closer to home so that I could help in a hands on way. But since I can’t, I wanted to share with you all about this amazing rescue. For those of you around Northeast Ohio, please check it out! You might be surprised to find your next equine partner there.

2 thoughts on “New Experiences and New Friends

  1. How cool is that! Helping your friend bring home two horses from a rescue. Best story I heard all weekend. Congratulations to your friend and her new herd!

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    1. Thank you! I loved getting the opportunity to connect with another rescue and help to very deserving horses find their forever home.❤

      Not to mention is was a great experience for me personally as far as hauling that distance, on highways and toll roads!

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