A Weekend of Trail Riding

Hey there! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to trail ride both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. I wanted to jump on and share about our experiences with two very different rides. 

Saturday we loaded up and went to The Bluffs in Michigan. I went with around eleven other people, which is the biggest group I’ve ever rode with. It was my first time hauling that far (1.5 hrs one way), as well as the first time I’ve hauled three horses in my trailer. It was definitely a little nerve racking! Dad showed me how to adjust my electric brakes for the trailer. Luckily, after multiple adjustments, I got it figured out and we made it to our destination without any issues.

The trails at The Bluffs were a little rougher than what I had anticipated, but it was a fun challenge for Cash and I! There were quite a few steep slopes that we climbed up and down. We crossed a small covered bridge which Cash handled well. There were logs to get over, mud, narrow and rocky pathways. Cash walked over each obstacle calmly and didn’t spook during the entire ride. 

I’ve worked on getting Cash to walk slowly up and down slopes to ensure careful steps. He was a rockstar at this in the beginning, but started running up the slopes towards the end of our ride. There was even one particular slope that he sprinted up, jumping a log on the way. It was exhilarating and slightly terrifying! The fear of him tripping was as short lived as the sprint itself, thank goodness! 

About mid ride I noticed him breathing heavier, especially after climbing the hills. I recently adjusted where I place my saddle, which changed the fit of my breast collar. Luckily, I had watched a video recently on breast collars and potential complications for ill fitting ones. I was worried that the breast collar was cutting into his airway during the climbs, so I took it off and draped it over the horn for the remainder of the ride. His breathing was noticeably better. 

The equine friends we traveled with weren’t quite as conditioned or prepared as Cash for the rough terrain, so after we finished the morning ride we headed home. I’m sure Cash was happy to have a break and head home to his hay! I also forgot to turn on my tracker, so I have no idea how many miles we covered. 

The following morning I joined some last minute plans to trail ride locally. I almost said no since Cash had worked so hard the day before, but decided it would be a good way to stretch his muscles. I think he enjoyed the relaxing ride with flat terrain, lol. We covered 10.6 miles during this ride. 

It was the perfect wrap up to our weekend. 

Cash and I would love to hear about some of the places you have trail ridden! If it’s close enough, we may even check it out ourselves! Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. 

Until next time, 

Happy trails! 

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