Dear Blog: 6/29/2020

Hello! We had some beautiful weather this weekend and Cash and I made sure to enjoy it! Yesterday we met up with two other riders and spent around 3 hours checking out the local area. It ended up being a little over 13 miles! I forgot to start my tracker at first (again!), but even with that it was a little off. Luckily, one of the other riders was a little more responsible than me and had hers on for the entire ride. 

These ladies like to get an early start, and sleeping in is for the birds! Lol. I got to the barn around 7:40 AM to feed Cash and load up the trailer. Although I’m sure I could [eventually] hook up the trailer myself, my dad was kind enough to have it ready and waiting for me. While Cash ate I packed and ran through my checklist multiple times. Last time I forgot my helmet – so I made sure to grab that first! Once Cash finished eating, I brushed him down, checked hooves, and applied fly spray and his sport boots. I don’t always travel with these, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything and it would save time later.

I was told that we were riding out at 9:30 AM…as in leave time for tacking up. Although I usually struggle to be on time, these ladies are definitely going to have me whipped into shape! I pulled in at 9 AM and had plenty of time for saddling. 

Cash was not sure he wanted to get into the trailer at first. I gave him two chances and then picked up my long whip. I call it my “friendly encouragement”. I would NEVER beat my horse into the trailer! However, he knows it’s time to stop messing around when he sees the whip. He practically jumped into the trailer after seeing it. 

Once I arrived, I used a cross tie to hook him to my trailer. That probably sounds weird, but hear me out. My trailer does not have loops to tie to on the outside of the trailer, and the lead rope isn’t long enough to tie to the loops inside the trailer through the open slots (I have a stock trailer). So, I use a cross tie strap because it allows enough length and has an easy release clip. You may still think it’s weird, but I was pretty impressed with my own idea. 

Soon, we were off! It didn’t matter one bit that Cash hasn’t a clue where we were going, he insisted on being first just the same. So, we spent most of the ride leading while receiving directions from behind. 

We saw all kinds of wildlife and beautiful scenery! It definitely made me appreciate our small farm town in Ohio. Despite being 24 years old, Cash handled all 13 miles like a champ! On top of that, he did it in his lighter bit and NO tie down! For us, that’s major progress! Two months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of riding without the heavier bit and tie down due to his behavior. Seeing his progress is such an incredible feeling. 

After we finished our ride, I untacked him. He immediately found his treats in the tack area of my trailer and attempted to help himself. He was too cute to say no…so he got quite a few! I brushed him down and rechecked hooves. All four were full of mud and rocks. This is why it’s so important to check hooves before and after every ride! In fact, once we got home, I checked them a third time. 

He, again, wasn’t a fan of the trailer. With just the site of “friendly reminder” he complied and loaded. Once we reached home, I turned him out to the pasture and put on his fly gear. I finished unloading the trailer and put everything away. 

It was an amazing ride, despite the heat. It definitely helps that we got an early start. I’m really starting to enjoy morning rides over sleeping in. I’m already looking forward to our next ride! 

Until next time,

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “Dear Blog: 6/29/2020

  1. Wow the scenery is beautiful (again)!
    You are so lucky
    Also thank you for mentioning that you would never beat your horse into your trailer
    Some horses are still treated cruelly and it is about time to put an end to it!
    Anyways amazing blog, looks like you had a great time!

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    1. Thank you! We had a wonderful ride 😊 I felt the need to say that upfront because while I do utilize the long whip as a tool, I make sure no never use it in a cruel manner. I never want my horse to be afraid of the whip (or any other training tool), but I do need him to respect it for both of our safety!

      Liked by 1 person

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