Tail Transformation

Hi there! If you haven’t had a chance to read my first blog post, check it out! I talked about how I found Cash, a not so flashy, not so young, not so special looking horse. Have you ever heard the saying “love is blind”? Lucky for me, I blindly fell in love with this old, scruffy, bay horse and overlooked all of his flaws.

It wasn’t really until after I unloaded Cash at his new home that I realized how pathetic he looked in comparison to the other horses at the boarding facility. He had multiple areas of balding, flaky skin along his withers and back. He had cuts and scrapes along his hip bones. His mane was uneven and chewed down to his neck, only a few long strands. His forelock was nonexistent. His tail…that was another whole level of wow! The top portion was falling out, scabby, and full of bald patches. He was clearly malnourished, and I could count his ribs. His coat was dull, along with his personality. 

Immediately the barn owners and I came up with a plan to start getting Cash back to his best shape. He was started on a small amount of grain that was gradually increased. He completed a 30 day detox to clean out his gut. I roached his mane to start over in hopes it would grow back evenly. He was dewormed twice within a three week period. I began exercising him almost daily. Despite his gentle disposition and lack of personality, all he wanted to do was run! So, we ran! I went to the barn five or six times a week, and each day we spent almost two hours running in the arena and working on leg cues. 

I applied Equiderma skin lotion for horses daily. This cleared up his skin fairly quickly. Soon the flaky bald spots were covered with soft, little baby hairs. I also washed the affected areas with medication shampoo by Mane n’ Tail, “Pro-tect”. Both of these products were very affordable and worth every penny. There’s some links below where you can check them out.

Within two weeks I could tell he was feeling better…he was getting ornery! He started head butting to get attention and treats, pushing me with his head while I was leading him, and so on. Within another couple weeks he started to really look better. It was so rewarding to see his progress. 

His mane was definitely improving as well. Roaching it was honestly the best thing for regrowth to happen. I specifically remember the previous owners saying, “It’s always been like that, he’s never really had a lot of mane,”…uh, okay sure. I even remember wondering to myself if I could really buy a horse with no mane…since it’s one of my favorite parts! I’m so glad I didn’t let something so silly influence my decision. Right now his mane is at a cute little show length, but I anticipate within another year it will be long and beautiful! 

Despite all of the improvements he made, his tail was still pretty sad looking. It was so frustrating! I continued washing with the medicated shampoo and applying the Equiderma. Eventually the top of the tail began to fill in a little more, but it was still noticeably shorter than the rest. 

I began to look at other products. Although the area didn’t look “fungally”…is that even a word? I decided to try a fungal spray by Manna Pro, Corona “Fung-A-Way”. I spent a lot of time in the equine aisle at Tractor Supply reading all of the labels. I settled on “Fung-A-Way” because it promised hair regrowth and was a very reasonable price. I chose this product slightly out of desperation, but was not disappointed! It really helped get us over the plateau Cash’s tail was stuck at. 

Eventually I stopped gobbing on products and just focused on brushing and keeping the area clean. I remember promising him that he would have a full, beautiful tail by the following spring. I can happily say we are definitely on track for that! 

I would love to hear from you about your own equine transformations and the products you had success with! Drop a comment below or feel free to send me a message. There’s an easy form to do this located on the Get in Touch page.

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