Hello! Welcome to my blog.

Hello there! If you’re reading this, I am so glad you found my page. My name is Alli and I’m extremely new to blogging. I decided instead of writing all of my life experiences down on private pages, I would rather create an online journal to share with all of you. It’s always good to learn from life’s lessons, but it’s even better to share those learned lessons with others. 

*Disclaimer: I will never profess to be a grammar guru! My blog posts may not always be in perfect format, but I think you’ll still be able to get the point. 

Although I could share about many aspects of my life, in my blog I will be focusing on all things horse! So first off, let me tell you a little about my heart horse, Cash, and how we ended up together (if you are wondering what a “heart horse” is, please see the link below. Shelby Dennis has a wonderful youtube video explaining this definition). Shortly after graduating nursing school, I made the mistake of visiting the local county fair where I grew up showing my 4H horses. Long story short, I was looking through horse sale ads on the drive home! I tried so hard to have a realistic plan, and at first I did…but within a week, my 3 year plan turned into a 3 month plan! I started making appointments to look at local boarding facilities (something I have never done before!), and looking at horses for sale. The first horse I looked at was a 4 hour drive that turned out to be a huge flop…talk about disappointing! As beautiful as that appy was, I had no business buying a bucking bronco project. A few days later I looked at a local horse for sale. The pictures posted didn’t look like anything special, he wasn’t flashy or young. In fact, upon arrival, I saw several bald and flaky spots on his skin, a scabbed and balding tail, a mane that had fallen out or been chewed off, and several ribs (not to say the horse was absolutely starving, but he definitely needed some more weight).

This is a photo from Cash’s Facebook advertisement.

Despite all of this, I instantly felt at ease with him. All of those imperfections didn’t seem to register with me. I had reservations about hopping on the previous contenders for a test ride, but Cash was different. I remember thinking, “I should probably ask them to ride him first,” and, “maybe I should have brought my helmet,” but once we got going all of those thoughts cleared. I still wasn’t quite sure I was ready to commit to a 23 year old horse, though. 

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about Cash. I was supposed to look at a fourth horse for sale the following day, but at 10 pm I cancelled that appointment and offered to buy Cash instead! Of course I immediately spilled my good news to anyone that would listen. Some of the comments I got were in regards to his age…“are you sure you want to buy a horse that old?” This surprised me a bit, considering my childhood horse was 29 when we finally stopped barrel racing. This made me all the more determined to show everyone how great an “old” horse can be! There is a soft spot in my heart for senior horses. So many end up unwanted because of their age, which breaks my heart. 

The life lesson I hope you all take away from this is to take a chance on the “old” horse, whatever that may be in your life. Sometimes horses, or other things, just need a second chance and some TLC. You will be amazed at how rewarding it is to be a part of this transformation process. 

Below are a few of Cash’s before and after pictures. Most of these are just a few short weeks apart, and some are a few months apart. Stay tuned to hear more about Cash’s transformation!

Heart Horse definition video by Shelby Dennis below.

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